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26/04/2021 Note: Page has been locked from editing due to excessive invite link spam.

A waterbowl is the Dogecoin term for a Faucet. They allow you to collect free coins at a predetermined interval.

Every waterbowl has its own time limits, but usually you can only "claim" coins once every few hours or every day. A waterbowl will usually give out somewhere around 1 Dogecoin per claim. It's a great way for new shibes with little Dogecoin to get started. All you do is copy your address from the receive section of your wallet and enter it in the waterbowl. You can get an updated list of waterbowls at Dogecoin Faucet List or freedogecoins. This page also lists Dogecoin waterbowls, but may be out of date:

Doge Waterbowls
URL Claim Interval Doge Per Claim Confirmed?
Doge Waterbowl 30 minutes 1 doge (even more with referal code) Working
Dogecoin Nest 3 hours 4 doge (plus referal code earnings) Working
Cool Doge Pays 2 hours 2~4 doge Working
A Doge Fountain 1 to 3 hours 2 doge Working
Dogechips 1 hour 1 doge (increased with daily promo codes) Working
Dogenauts 4 hours 4~5 doge Working 30 minute 1 doge Pending 30 minute 1 doge Pending