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A mining pool is a group of users that cooperate in the mining of a block. Each user configure their mining software to mine at a specific block, and the work that each user does is measured in shares. After a block has been found, each user receiving a payout that equals the percentage of the total shares that they mined.

Why mine in pools?[]

By mining in a pool, you as a user increase your chances of receiving a payout. Solo-miners, users that work alone on finding a block, has less of a chance to find a block (Due to having a much lower hashrate.). However, these users receiving the full payout from the block. So while a solo-miner might find a block once every 2 days and then recieve a full payout of 10'000 Ð, a pool of miners will find a block once per minute and then split the dogecoins among the users.

List of big pools[]

There are many pools around:


List of small/new pools[]

These pools have lower hashrates but are likely to produce bigger rewards per block:

  1. Dopey - 0 % PROP Fee Until Later Implemented
  2. CoinMiners - 1% Fee and Weekly Giveaways (Hacked? + Redirects to scam websites, possible phishing and drive-bys too.
  3. Bitember Dogecoin pool. - 0% fee, Prop, Block + fee reward, Vardiff, Stratum. 50% of revenue goes to charity!
  4. - Prop, Vardiff

The layout on many of these websites are the same. But they are all separate pools.

Merged mining pools[]

These pools allow to mine a lot of coins at same time, merging the shares over compatible chains:

1. (No longer operational.Site went out of business).