Dogecoin Wiki

  To get your DogeCoin wallet code simply go to and download the DogeCoin client for the OS you are on.

After downloading the wallet it can take a long time for the client to sync up to date. Just be patient and soon enough you will have your Dogecoin wallet.

If you do not wish to wait for the Wallet client to sync, there are alternatives.

You can either use a lite wallet such as  which works similarly to the standard wallet available at except it does not have to sync, making it more hassle-free. However, some people prefer the interface of the original dogecoin client.

Another option is to use a online wallet such as Online wallets are generally less secure, but have many more benefits including, they are easier to use and setup, can be accessed from any computer reduces risk of wallet loss and always up to sync. Now to you can buy and store your dogecoin in wallet.

Getting Started With Your Wallet[]

Getting an Address[]

Once your DogeCoin wallet client has been downloaded and synced you can get a DogeCoin address. To do this select the "Much Receive" tab and hit the button on the bottom left that says "New Address". It is good to label your address too, something like Main Address perhaps.

Sending Dogecoin[]

To send DogeCoin to another DogeCoin wallet address you click the "Pls Send" tab on your client. Then you enter the DogeCoin address the amount and press "Send". It is also recommended to label these addresses. Addresses you have sent to will be stored in your address book.

Receiving DogeCoin[]

When receiving (or sending) DogeCoin the wallet will display a notification bubble in the tray displaying the amount incoming or being sent. You will need a DogeCoin wallet to receive dogecoins from mining dogecoins. It will show up as unconfirmed for a few minutes but don't worry the DogeCoins should process and then enter your wallet adding to your balance. Encrypting Your Wallet It is recommended that once your Wallet client in synced fully you should encrypt your wallet. Do this by pressing the "Settings" tab at the top and then select "Encrypt Wallet".

Warning! Be sure to remember the passphrase you set to encrypt your wallet, otherwise you will not be able to access it and your DogeCoins will be inaccessible.