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Asteroid is an all-purpose CPU/GPU Miner. It can be used for a variety of crypto currencies. Asteroid is currently only availible for mac.

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The Asteroid GUI mining BTC on a computer with three GPUs.

Asteroid can be downloaded for free from The GUI is a simple single window with advanced options available in drop down menus. Asteroid also includes an option to mine in a terminal window to use less resources.

Mining Doge with Asteroid[]

Asteroid is not meant for mining DOGE, but it can easily be used to do so.

  1. Open Asteroid, make sure it supports your hardware
  2. In the drop down, sellect "new pool"
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Switch the Coin Type to "Litecoin (scrypt)
  5. Enter your pool's URL and proxy into the Pool URL field.
  6. Your username depends on the pool, but is usually 'username.workername'
  7. Your password is the password you set up for your worker in the pool.

You should be asked for keychain permissions - this is because Asteroid stores this information in your encrypted keychain on your mac.

Hit the "play" key to start mining! Your computer may become sluggish or even unresponsive during the process.